Rolltreppe – st LP




Debut record of this post punk band from Vienna, Austria. Tracks taken from the self-released tape, recorded on 4-track, mastered to perfection by Eric Brady. Limited to 500 copies.

Post-Punk to dance to, touching the body at the very right places, mostly german lyrics you will know by heart soon even if you are from the USA or Spain and did not stay awake at your german 101 classes. Classic line up with guitar, bass and drums, with Rebecca singing, shouting and screaming over it. Fast propulsive punk with hooks for days, these guys really nail the delicate balance of taking a familiar sound and putting their own unique spin on it, in the end sounding like nothing but themselves. At the first listen you might just scratch the surface of these sometimes surprisingly diverse songs, as you go deeper into layer after layer with every spin of it. And then, just when you thought you know it all, another tempo-change or breakdown hits you in the neck and captures your attention once again.
This is going to be huge, you know, so tell everybody about this, about how good this is and how early you got to know this band called ROLLTREPPE. There are only few bands in the scene in the last years who hit the common denominator, like Sheer Mag, Chubby and The Gang, Amy and the Sniffers or Surfbort, and Rolltreppe could be one of those critically AND DIY scene approved punk bands. (Bachelor Records)