GRISAILLE – Entre Deux Averses… 7″


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(membres fondateurs de SYNDROME 81 / MENTALITE 81)

« If anything has been brought up and adorned by this team of veteran punks from Brest, it is well crafted moody punk songs. On this 7″ that looks like a single from back in the day, GRISAILLE is no stranger to the heavy dose of melody, angst and desperation that characterize their other projects. But when these other projects are somewhat rooted into French territory, their sound here is also a nod to the Copenhagen/Umeå scene, reminiscent of late GORILLA ANGREB era with their twangy guitar chords or early MASSHYSTERI flawless production on their ST. You’ll get the best of both worlds on this single and much more. At last, their name (which means Gloom like in weather’s term) could also sound like a warning: GRISAILLE is about to settle down on you and you better be ready. »
(Flo Spector)

[Label: Symphony of Destruction]